Thursday, October 18, 2007

Web 2.0 at UML: A Conversation/Dinner

I am delighted to join you for dinner and a conversation about how Web 2.0 is transforming higher education and the ways in which it may enable and enhance engagement among students and faculty members pursuing access to quality learning at UMass Lowell.
Whenever possible, I am boycotting PowerPoint as a presentation tool because of the limited potential for engagement. Instead, I have assembled some talking topics and many links to resources in this comment-enabled blog which I hope will serve as a continuing resource and forum for exchange of ideas.

With many thanks to my good friend and wonderful colleague Jacquie Moloney, and my great new friends Sadaf Charity and Charmaine Hickey! -ray


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,
Thanks for helping us to explore the next frontier in Web 2.0 technology. The faculty here are excited about what this technology can do to engage their students.

Welcome to Massachusetts!
Jacquie Moloney

Jim said...

This is for Jesse. A test of new technology used for eAMP 1.0 Performamatics CS UML